Retirement Income Planning

Superannuation pensions and annuities are types of income streams that can be used to maximise your retirement income. Depending on your circumstances, such as Centrelink, age pension entitlements, income requirements, lump sum requirements and estate planning will depend on which pension type or mix of pensions to suit you.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund

Do you have a self managed super fund? Are you enjoying being the trustee? Are you planning to retire and unsure of keeping your self managed super fund in retirement? We can provide advice on self managed super funds.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is “not god’s waiting room” , it is your time to do what you want, rather than doing what you have to do. A well planned retirement will maximise your wealth and minimise your tax. With recent changes to superannuation rules, we believe anyone over 50 years of age should review their particular situation now, to ensure you take full advantage. in our planning process we will consider all the options available to you taking into account your particular situation and recommend to you, the strategies required to maximise your financial position.


Would you like to know how Centrelink will assess you for age pension benefits, pension bonus scheme, family tax benefits, deeming, waiting periods and much more. We can work through the maze and advise how Centrelink will affect your situation. An important change coming as at 20/09/07 is that the 50% asset test on complying pensions will be removed. In other words anyone who is eligible and puts money into a complying income stream prior to 20/09/07 will be entitled to a 50% exempt asset test for Centrelink age pension. We can model whether you will be in a better financial position by taking out a complying pension prior to 20/09/07. To be eligible you must be 55 prior to 20/09/07.


Superannuation is a tax effective vehicle for your retirement investments. Your super can be invested in property, shares, fixed interest or a diversified portfolio. Rules in regards to getting money into super and getting money out of super can be complex, depending on your individual circumstances. Superannuation legislation is changing on an ongoing basis so that it keeps pace with changing trends and demands. Recent changes in superannuation will affect Australian’s who are 50 years old and over. We can provide a review of your superannuation and how the changes will impact your individual circumstances.

Taxation Planning

Are you paying too much tax? Do you have an investment property or share portfolio to sell and would like to minimise the capital gain tax payable? We advise on how to legally minimise your tax bill and therefore keep the money for your wealth creation plan. There are numerous ways to reduce tax payable and it will depend on your particular financial circumstances.

Investment Advice

Are your investments providing a competitive return compared to the relevant market index? Do you review your investments? Are you deciding to keep, buy more, or sell a particular investment, on a regular basis? If you are to busy working to spend time reviewing investments, then maybe we can help. We have access to many types of investments and can advise you an appropriate investment mix to suit your individual circumstances.


Are you been made redundant? Do you want to maximise your benefits? Planning your redundancy can be complex and deciding on your options can be tricky. We can advise you on an appropriate strategy to suit your financial situation.

Business Planning & Trading Structures

Do you operate a business? Are you about to start a new business? Do you want to consider a trust structure or company, but unsure of how it works? We can offer advice on the appropriate structure you require for your business and personal needs.

Salary Packaging

Are you able to salary package via your employer? Do you or are you abe to salary package your car ? Are you able to salary package your laptop? We can advise you on an appropriate salary packaging strategy to suit your financial situation.

Cash Flow Management

Do you have capital expenditure coming up and not sure how to fund it? Are you looking for a way to cash flow complex inflows and outflows to meet required expenditure as and when they fall due? We can map out your inflows and outflows and the timing of expenditure.

The Importance Of Personal Insurances

Risk management and in particular personal insurances are a vital ingredient of any comprehensive financial plan. Just as you insure your house, car and other property against loss, so too you should ensure that you hold suitable personal insurances that may include life and income protection insurances. Risk management and personal insurances must be considered as an integral part of the financial planning process. For example, have you thought about how your family or your partner would cope financially if you died? Personal insurances can help to ensure that those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged in the event of your death, a medical crisis or your disablement. Most people purchase house, car, and health insurance without giving it much thought, but it is a well known fact that most people are either underinsured or uninsured for events such as death, trauma or disablement. The main types of personal insurances are, life insurance, income protection, trauma insurance and total and permanent disablement insurance.

Debt Reduction & Management

Debt can work for you or it can hold you back. What is debt doing to your financial situation? If interest rates were to rise, how will that affect you? Do you need help in managing your debt? Would you like to know how to repay your debt effectively? We can advise you on how to manage and pay out debt for your eventual retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes Wills & Power of attorneys and is done while you are still alive and in a sound mind. Proper planning will ensure your estate will go to your chosen beneficiaries in a tax effective manner, taking into account protection of assets and ensuring young children are taken care of. We can advise you on estate planning to suit your particular circumstances.

Family Breakdown

Divorce can be a stressful time and appropriate advice can be welcomed to provide some clarity at a difficult time.